Joke Response System Request—People

The people about whom we will store data in this system include Comedians, Reviewers, and Hosts.

A single person who has told a joke to a live audience including at least ten people whose reactions can be heard.
  • Out of scope for our system are such comedians as those who tell jokes for the radio where the audience reactions cannot be heard
  • It is not imperative that we be able to see the reactions of the audience in order to record a joke
  • A future requirement would be for comedy teams, but that is not a "must have" in the first version.
Comedy team
A group of more than one person who tell jokes together
(Comedic) Performer
A comedian or comedy team.
A person who classifies a joke and related information as well as the audience response. The reviewers are the "subject matter experts" related to this system.
  • For the first version, the person who enters the joke into the system may be deemed to be the reviewer, although that person might simply be typing in what someone else classified. A future requirement might be that reviewer data be collected separately from data entry information.
A person who introduces one or more comedians as part of a show. If the host also tells jokes that are recorded in this system, they would do so in the role of "Comedian."
A person whose responds to a performed joke with words rather than simply laughter, applause or other more common responses. Hecklers are not identified, but their responses may be captured in the system.

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