Joke Response System Request—Places

The places in this system include the venues for telling jokes and the places that the People in the system identify as "home."

A venue is the location for a show. While a venue may be associated with multiple shows, a show must have exactly one venue.

Venues have attributes such as a name and a location. There is no requirement for contacting the venue in any way (street address, contact person, e-mail address, phone number) but it might be helpful to be able to ask questions such as "Do jokes about politics get bigger laughs on the web coast or east coast?."

Venues also have characteristics such as typical number of seats, descriptions of the lighting, sound system, and stage area, although these might not be important enough to include in the system. Note that a show held in the venue might have a better sound system brought in, or fewer seats, or better lighting than is typical.

We will look to a TV Show to find information about the standard venue and to the individual Show for the venue for that show.

Home Locations
A single "home" location and maybe another "from" location can be optional data to collect for each person in the system. This would help with questions such as "Do comedians from Alabama get a better reaction when they tell religious jokes than comedians from California?

There are no requirements to send paper mail to a mailing address related to a person or place in this system, but we will want to collect demographic data which could include such address information as country, state/province, city, or postcode, so if you want to throw in the street address, that is fine but there are no current requirements for it.

Litter Box

Some of this is worth pawing through.