Joke Response Application Prototype

Tools selected for prototyping aspects of the Joke Response System include use of the AJAX approach for the front-end and OpenQM for the database.


After reviewing various Java solutions, including JSP and JSF, I have, heavy sigh, opted to set Java aside for now. In spite of the learning curve required for use of other computer languages, the prototype will use AJAX with PHP, JavaScript, XHTML, and CSS. The primary reason for not including Java in the AJAX approach is that many ISPs and hosting services do not make tomcat or another app server readily available, at least not with the same pricing as a simple web server with PHP pre-processing.


While MySQL would be a more popular choice for a database backend, this prototype will use a Non-First Normal Form (NF2) data model with a two-valued logic from front to back, so it requires a more flexible database. After taking a quick look at the landscape for non-SQL databases, it appears that those using an old data model rather than an XML data model still provide a better bang for the buck. OpenQM was chosen because it is an open source product. While there will still be a learning curve, never having worked with this product before, I am quite familiar with the MultiValue data model underlying this product.

Stay Tuned

This will be a slow effort, but as this project evolves, information including tutorials will be available from this site. They will often be noted in the mewsings blog.

Litter Box

Some of this is worth pawing through.