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About Tincat Group, Inc.

From Dawn Wolthuis, President

TINCAT stands for The INformation CATalog. The name was chosen with a nod to metadata and a vision of people shopping for database information more easily than is common today.

As the sole employee of Tincat Group, Inc., I am dedicated to researching and presenting information about big-bang-for-the-buck approaches to software development. Having served in the Information Technology industry since 1977, my interests span the entire process of software development, deployment, maintenance, and business intelligence. My experience and inclinations are related to analysis, design, and project leadership, as well as keeping current with hands-on experience using a variety of tools and techniques.

I am currently focused on data modeling related to the database back-end and the UI front-end. I have been active in recent years in studying relational theory and SQL, rendering my opinion that it is time to move beyond these. You can read my findings and opinions in the "Is Codd Dead?" blog, launched in 2006.

Dawn M. Wolthuis headshot

My interests also include web-based user interfaces, metadata, agile development techniques, software languages, and strategies for distributed applications and data collections. In fact, there is little in field of developing software applications that does not interest me.

I would like to make software development easier for me and other seasoned professionals. Is it still feasible for a single professional to build a useful, maintainable, yet contemporary, software application? Will it then look like a do-it-yourself project rather than production-quality software? For those still using your old toolsets because they work, even if your users would prefer a rich web-based user interface, what tools would be a good choice if you decided to retool? These are some of the questions that drive my research.

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