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Friday, January 09, 2009

New Year, New Blog

As you might have noticed, I did not continue my 2006 blog much into 2007. I have a draft of a new blog entry from back then, entitled "Property Values Flourish" about modeling data with multi-valued attributes. Alas, I did not complete it, attended to other work and started organizing a new company later that year.

I have started to blog about my current project as it unfolds this year. The first entry of the Persistence Matters blog is here. Some of you might find it worthwhile and fun to follow this project.

Thank You for your readership of this Tincat Mewsings blog. I was amazed how many people from how many countries visited. I just checked and it says there have been 17,504 "absolutely unique visitors" according to google anayltics. My goal original goal was that 100 people read my Is Codd Dead? posting. Of course, my other goal was that I help to change the industry. I doubt whether my one small voice made any difference at all, but I do feel confident that enough of the industry is invested in working with persisting logical lists, for example, that my voice is not needed.

I don't think the momentum has carried into college database classrooms extensively to date, however. If you are a college professor, teaching database courses, it might be fun ("fun" being a relative term) to add entries from the Is Codd Dead? blog series to the reading that students will do. Even if you disagree with any of my points, it will provide balance to the typical diet of only relations, no lists, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Have a fantastic 2009!

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